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World Rhino Day 2023

Raffle now closed, but you can still donate!

Help IRKA for World Rhino Day by supporting the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary Restoration Project. Clearing of invasive tree species allows for the planting of new trees in order to have a back-up source for natural vegetation for rhinos and elephants due to potential wildfires. For every dollar you donate, a tree will be planted. This project has helped form relationships with the local community by employing farmers and disabled men to support their families financially. The women of the farmers have also been given the opportunity to acquire income and gain skill sets for their livelihood. Professional consultants train the women how to do eco-printing and they use this technique to make scarves. The best part of this project is that it’s a part of the restoration project. This is because they can use the leftover browse from the Sumatran rhinos to make the designs on each scarf.


IRKA was fortunate enough to get 10 of these priceless scarves that were handmade in Sumatra. For each donation made via the tree planting tabs on the website, a certain amount of tickets will be given for your chance to win one of these scarves in our raffle.

The drawing ends at 12pm on 9/22 with drawing happening at 7pm EST.

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Scarves for WRD Raffle

Rack and Plume Special! 

In addition to these incredible scarves for raffle, Rack and Plume, is offering to donate 15% of all purchases to IRKA. Visit for amazing hand carved animal designs. 

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