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We have also committed to offering limited shuttle services to and from John Glenn Columbus International Airport on May 7th and 12th on a first come first serve basis.

Akron Canton Airport is also an option, but there will not be shuttle services available.

We have a starting point for a schedule regarding airport shuttles. We have 1 passenger van (15 people) allocated for each departure time (Eastern Standard Time) as follows:


From Columbus Airport to Salt Fork Lodge on May 7th:








From Salt Fork Lodge to Columbus Airport on May 12th:








Due to the distance between the airport and the venue, as well as van availability, shuttle service is limited. Adjustments may be made to the above schedule if there are biases for certain times. There may be a wait involved between your airport arrival time and shuttle departure time.


Please submit your flight times, contact info, and shuttle preferences to

Once submissions are closed we will contact you with final details.


Also remember that you have the opportunity to coordinate with other delegates in regard to travel. Feel free to reach out via the website, email, or via one of the Facebook event pages listed below:


Thank you


Car Rental Services

Click on the link above to peruse the options at Columbus airport car rentals. 

 You could also take a taxi or share a ride with a fellow rhino fanatic.

 You could also take a taxi or share a ride with a fellow rhino fanatic.

 Click the link above to rent the limo of your dreams to ride in style to Salt Fork Lodge.

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