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2015 Rhino Keeper Workshop information

Welcome to the web site for the International Rhino Keeper Association. This association of rhino keepers is dedicated to the sharing of knowledge in relation to the five species of rhinoceros. Information experienced indian rhino outlinethrough captive management and through study in the field are both valued as critical to the rhinoceros survival. To this end the IRKA conducts the Rhino Keeper Workshop every two years to learn and discuss the most up-to-date information in the fields of rhino biology, management, nutrition and training. This is a membership based organization that desires to both serve its members to become the best care takers and managers of the rhinos in their care as well as depend on them to participate in the association’s interests and growth. The International Rhino Keeper Association (IRKA) promotes professional collaboration,  development and practices to advance rhinoceros conservation worldwide.